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7 mar 2016

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7 mar 2016

  1. Tunabunny – I’ve heard a handful of Tunabunny tracks over the years, but never really got a handle on their identity — and it turns out that’s partly because they operate in at least 2 or 3 different modes. The shorter songs tend to be poppier, sometimes salted with abrupt textural shifts, and frequently remind me of the likes of Scrawl and Salem 66, and to a lesser degree of early post-punk explorers. The longer songs often leave me behind.
  2. Hallelujah The Hills – I’d been avoiding the advance singles for the the forthcoming “A Band Is Something to Figure Out” because Hallelujah the Hills are decidedly the sort of band whose albums I like to figure out by listening to the whole thing, from beginning to end. So I was delighted to find a much earlier-than-expected copy in my mailbox last week. First impressions: murkier and angrier than I expected. Still catchy, though.
  3. Muncie Girls – I’ve been trying to reign in my expectations for Muncie Girls’ long-awaited debut (following an albums’ worth of tracks scattered over singles and EPs and splits). First couple spins through suggest that I needn’t have worried.
  4. Kal Marks – Exploding in Sound is building an impressively consistent roster of brainy but heavy indie rock without falling into the trap of signing bands that sound exactly like one other. The new Kal Marks doesn’t sound that much like Krill, but it makes it a bit easier for me to get over Krill not being a band anymore.
  5. Tsunami Bomb – Over at PunkNews John Gentile argues that the early demos on “Trust No One” are more interesting than the punk-pop act’s better-known material, because they’re more exploratory. Fair point, but I think I prefer the higher production values of the later stuff.
  6. Mexrrissey – Latined up covers of Smiths/Morrissey tunes? Yes, please.
  7. Slaves – Overcame my revulsion at the band name long enough to give the album a spin coz I saw it compared to early Godfathers. I can hear that, and McClusky, too. But The Godfathers had better riffs, McClusky had more spittle-flecked fury, and that name, it’s hard to get past. Like, I know it’s supposed to be controversial, but selecting this particular controversy suggests a kind of tone deafness I’m not good with.
  8. Notches – Sounds like these guys listened to plenty of Superchunk, and some DisChord kinda stuff, and it’s pretty lo-fi, and I’m okay with it. Promising.
  9. Horrible/Adorable – Growly guitars, sugary vocals, mostly simple, but catchy, tunes.
  10. Masts – “Adversaries” offers both straight-ahead pop punk and mathier excursions with lots of burbly hammer-on/pull-off riffs, like those bands that used to be on Hello Sir. I really like that the album has multiple modes.

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