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12 jan 2015

12 Jan 2015 · No Comments

  1. Hussalonia -You’re tired of me writing about Hussalonia, probably.
  2. Anti-Flag – The first time I wrote about Anti-Flag they were releasing music on a major label and compromising nothing. 2015 finds them on a Finnish heavy metal label (!) … and compromising nothing
  3. Strike Anywhere – Back when I used to want to be a music critic, I prided myself on saying negative things about records I liked, because I thought that helped establish a critical perspective, as opposed to a fanboyish one. I think it’s past time for me to apologize for dissing records I later came to love
  4. Bud Powell – Can’t live on avant/eclectic pop and agit-core alone. Need some bebop, too.
  5. Shinobu – chopsy indie rock sometimes veering punkward
  6. Watershed – wanted to familiarize myself with the band before reading Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll. Which I still need to read.
  7. Charlie XCX
  8. Young Statues – I like their own stuff fine, but the New Order cover is killer
  9. Honus Huffines – Gonna save writing about this for next week
  10. Hallelujah the Hills – The fundamental fallacy of the whole critical distance thing is that my motivation for writing about my music in the first place was to share my love of it. I love Hallelujah the Hills. I’ve written plenty about them, and almost all of it embarrasses me, because it’s spiked with left-handed compliments and outright insults.

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