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10 nov 2008

10 Nov 2008 · No Comments

  1. Sound Team
    Somehow I missed this E6-ish outfit until after they had broken up, maybe because for a while there I got really burnt-out on “recommended if you like Neutral Milk Hotel,” which never captured what I like (love) about NMH. Anyway, not bad.
  2. The Hussy’s
    The punctuation drives me nuts. I guess theoretically it could mean the things that belong to the hussy, and I hope it does. The first two songs I heard from this act, “We Expected” and “Please Don’t Call Me at Home” were terrific, bouyant slices of pop that sounded almost like the late Kirsty MacColl could’ve penned them. Most of the rest have been a little too self-consciously 70’s-ish and slightly smarmy for my taste, like the Pooh Sticks and Salad songs I wa less fond of. But there’s enough I liked that I will give it all another go, despite the dodgy apostrophe.
  3. Vic Chesnutt
  4. Bishop Allen
    I found somewhere selling legit (I hope?) downloads of the compiled EPs that preceded The Broken String, except for the songs which showed up on The Broken String, so I’ve been digging through those. I’m a little more inclined now to think that the best of those songs were culled for the full length.
  5. caUSE co-MOTION!
    More annoying punctuation, and capitaliZATION to boot. The first half of this record kind of annoyed me. Maybe the band’s target audience isn’t familair with their influences, but it would be hard for me to believe that its songwriters are not, and it all feels rather carefully calculated. But as the record went on (which, since this is a singles compilation, also presumably means as a young band got more sure of itself in the studio) it’s herky-jerky charms increasingly won me over. It must be funny to watch people try to dance to this.
  6. Deerhunter
  7. Tsunami
  8. The Crowd Scene
  9. Crystal Stilts
    There’s definitely a bit of we-love-Joy-Division-and-we-want-to-be-this-year’s-Interpol here, but there’s also a touch of garage swagger, a dash of Krautrock/VU-ish drone, and some shoegaze. Nothing groundbreaking, but a pleasant blend with a few nice twists.
  10. Help She Can’t Swim
  11. Kristin Hersh
  12. The Lonelyhearts
  13. Minature Tigers
  14. UK Subs

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