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Ladyfest Boston 2012 (part 1)

31 Jan 2012 · No Comments

Hey, Ladyfest Boston!
Check out most of the artists with a free compilation at bandcamp.

Playing Friday (in alphabetical order)
Beautiful Weekend don’t make it easy to preview their music.

Foreign Objects play short, hard-hitting punk tunes that are often quite catchy despite weird chords and screechy vocals. Nothing against “Words of War” but if you check ‘em out on Spotify you can hear “Pill Popper” and “One Made Two.” I think I played this record five times in the first 2 days after I bought it. (You can check it out on Spotify.)

Procession fit pretty comfortably in the shoegaze/dream pop genre. The “Fade” ep sounds cheerfully lo-fi and is enlivened by some energetic drum work. Check it out at Procession’s bandcamp site.

Shepherdess features Hilken Mancini of Fuzzy and about a zillion other bands, also Emily Arkin formerly of The Operators. Their EP a few years back did a great tightrope walk between fierce and pretty. Very glad to hear they are not defunct and that new material is trickling out at Shepherdess’s bandcamp site. (You can also find Shepherdess’s self-titled EP at Spotify, although it’s jumbled up with a completely different artist of the same name.)

Shoppers specialize in super dense & noisy punk. If you dig Mutators, White Lung, or Nü Sensae this might be right up your alley. It is sure up mine. Their most recent album Silver Year is sold out, so the Feeble Minds label has a link to download it. Or you can stream all their releases at bandcamp. Caution: cover image may be NSFW

Waxahatchee is Katie Crutchfield’s solo acoustic project, but it ain’t no easy listening joint. I love her new record American Weekend, on which she continues to write songs that remind me in mood and quality of the late Elliott Smith. At times it’s so trebly and distorted that it’s a bit tough on the ears. But worth it. (You can check it out on Spotify.)

Playing Saturday afternoon (in alphabetical order)

Aye Nako first came to my notice by providing the lead track on Are You with the Band? the slamming compilation of mostly poppish female-led punk acts curated by Lauren Denitzio (formerly of The Measure (SA) and now of Worriers). Aye Nako’s five-song demo (available at AyeNako.org reveals some stylistic breadth: mostly it’s probably closer to indie rock than punk, but I’d almost call “Good Grief” hardcore. Definitely eager to hear more from these folks.

Cotton Candy is Mark (”needs no introduction”) Robinson and Evelyn Hurley (of Blast Off Country Style). Top Notch & First Rate is a crazy mix of indie rock, sound collages, and (usually faithful) recreations of DC-area radio ads from the 70’s. God knows what it’s like live. But I’m sure curious. (You can check it out on Spotify.)

Tunabunny are from the noisier side of the lo-fi block of indie-rock street. Last year’s Minima Moralia was a huge leap beyond their self-titled debut — still with plenty of attitude, but with much more solid hooks, and vastly improved production — still lo-fi, but maybe harnessing the chaos instead of being overridden by it. (You can check it out on Spotify.)

Whore Paint’s “Menarchy” EP from last year is dark, angry, and a little murky (maybe by design, maybe by budget. But I think on balance it works). “Amen” drops the tempo considerably; “Second Shift” reminds me obliquely of Rid of Me-era PJ Harvey, if PJ Harvey had been in a hardcore band. The band experiments quite a bit with putting space between the noise, which is promising. (on Spotify)

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