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smile and smile … 15 july 2019

15 Jul 2019 · Comments Off

Tourist Activities – Hatchet
DOGBRETH – New Friend (Walky Talky substituted on Spotify list)
Nada El Shazly – Koala
Jesca Hoop – Red White and Black
Shellye Valauskas Experience – Do Over
Team Dresch – Your Hands My Pockets
Ed Balloon – Missed Call
See Through Dresses – I’m the Man Who Loves You (Horse of the Other World substituted for Spotify)
Brutalligators [...]

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smile and smile … 8 july 2019

08 Jul 2019 · Comments Off

Hey, Chels – Cross My Arms
Kill the Moose – From Here to Now
Mannequin Pussy – Drunk II
halfsour – Blurred Camera Phone
Sidney Gish – Sin Triangle
Nervous Triggers – Do the Drools
Lip Talk– After All
Laura Barrett– Just the Same as Always
Brutalligators– Crows
Patio– Vile Bodies
Noga Erez– Sunshine
Das Demonas– The South Will Never Rise Again
Ms NIna– Coqueta
I Got 5 [...]

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smile and smile … 1 July 2019

01 Jul 2019 · Comments Off

The original was lost, we have only this excerpt:

Fury – ??
Scrap Brain – ??
Gretchen’s Wheel – Always Love
Cartel Madras – Eric Andre (Slick Rick James)
Squid – Houseplants
Hatchie – Obsessed
Lizzie – Juice
Fightmilk – Get a Grip
Linus– Queen Be
Erykah Badu– Tempted
Fiva– Du Bist Nicht Mein Monster

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