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Quick Take: Hussalonia: Nefarico Jingles

14 Nov 2012 · 1 Comment

The backstory (since you probably weren’t paying attention): Hussalonia is basically one dude writing, performing, recording, and releasing willfully eclectic music; he’s been at it for a while and he’s gotten really good at all aspects of it. 2010 started as the “Year of Hussalonia” with a new album/EP every month, including lotsa awesome [...]

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21 feb 2012

21 Feb 2012 · No Comments

Classics of Love – Classics of Love
Classics of Love falls into the general category of punk veterans — in this case Operation Ivy’s Jesse Michaels — forming retro 80s/punk/hardcore bands. I’m pretty susceptible to this trend, and Classics of Love is no exception. Nothing here is quite as amazing as “No Return” from 2009’s “Waiting [...]

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13 feb 2012

13 Feb 2012 · No Comments

Behold! the Monolith – Defender, Redeemist
This trio bludgeons almost equally well at the tempo of an advancing glacier or at a jackhammer thrash pace (Motorhead comparisons bruited about in the press for this ‘un really do make sense). Veteran metal producer/engineer Billy Anderson turns in a recording that’s amazing in it’s cake/eat-it-tooness: crushingly heavy at [...]

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30 jan 2012

30 Jan 2012 · No Comments

bellwire – “Waterbed” (EP)
Note: we’re not likely to make a practice of this. It’s against our charter. But the band bellwire reached out to us and invited us to listen to their music, and they made that easy and they weren’t rude about it. So we did. And it was pretty good. We decidedly liked [...]

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23 Jan 2012

23 Jan 2012 · No Comments

Alcest – Les Voyages de L’Âme
I’m not usually fond of post-anything genre labels. How can anything be post-rock? There’s still plenty of rock. But Alcest really is post-metal, in the sense that it used to be identifiably a metal act, and now it isn’t. This is shoegaze/dreampop for guitar tone freaks. If you’ve listened Pale [...]

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