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Nov 2011

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Every new release I listened to in November (69)

Absu – Azbu
Merrie Amtserburg – “Q Dee Rock and Soul #6″ (single)
An early Christmas present from Merrie Amsterburg and Q Division! Well, except you have to pay for it, so not exactly a present. But these mildly rocked-up versions of “We Three Kings” and “Silent Night” are [...]

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Tanya Donelly and Friends, 29 October 2011

02 Nov 2011 · No Comments

I bought tickets to this show assuming it would feature Tanya Donelly singing and playing guitar, which it did, and which would have been more than sufficient for me, but not necessarily assuming there would be anyone else involved. The actual cast of characters included, in alphabetical order:

Carrie Bradley, of Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, 100 Watt [...]

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Oct 2011

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Every new release I listened to in October (64)

BDRM Eyes – (demo tracks)
BDRM Eyes blend the pedal happiness of shoegaze with a more energetic delivery and experimental/dissonant aspects that recall indie rockers of a Sonic Youthish bent. I can’t unreservedly endorse the recording quality; the drums are distant and murky. But definitely leaves me wanting [...]

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Sep 2011

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Every new release I listened to in September (58)

Bangles – Sweetheart of the Sun
Bridge and Tunnel – “Bridge and Tunnel” (EP)
Bridge and Tunnel – Rebuilding Year
Brief Candles – Fractured Days
Apparently they prefer “dream-pop” and “blissrock” to “shoegaze.” Poh-TAY-toe, Poh-TAH-toe . . .
Glen Campbell – Ghost on the Canvas
I admit it. It was knowing Campbell [...]

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Jeff Mangum, American Contemporary Music Ensemble, 10 September 2011

13 Sep 2011 · No Comments

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Frankly, the circumstances sounded a bit suspicious: reclusive artist schedules a mid-size tour after a long artistic silence and immediately prior to a career-spanning archive release. But from the first few seconds of “Oh, Comely,” it was impossible for me to see anything disingenuous in Mangum’s performance; further, [...]

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Aug 2011

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Every new release I listened to in August (56)

Army Coach – “Daydream” (EP)
Something about (my favorite tune) “I Am a Failure” reminds me, probably obliquely, of the Wrens, but Army Coach’s punk lineage is clearer than the Wrens’. Thermals might be a better RIYL, or ‘Chunk or even Dü (some very Greg Norton basslines, [...]

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Joe Pernice (and some Scud Mountain Boys)/Paul Melancon 25 Aug 2011

26 Aug 2011 · 1 Comment

The Lizard Lounge was crammed to the gills for the very welcome work-night friendly early set. Joe Pernice opened with a handful of solo songs, including the title track from Goodbye Killer and “Telescope,” a sneak peek at the in-progress Pernice Brothers album (he said it was mostly too rockin’ to translate well to an [...]

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Jul 2011

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Every new release I listened to in July (29)

Apollo Ghosts – “Money Has No Heart” – (EP)
Apollo Ghosts – “For What They Do, They Do” – (EP)
Army Girls – (3 singles)
Blood Stain Child – Epsilon
Bomb the Music Industry! – Vacation
Broadcaster – “Joyride” – (EP)
Delicate Cutters – Some Creatures
I like this. But it’s far milder than [...]

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Jun 2011

01 Jul 2011 · 1 Comment

Every new release I listened to in June (20)

31 Knots – Trump Harm
Not as given to loud math-rock explosions as in years ast, but not exactly toothless either. I think this might be a slow-grower.

An Horse – Walls

Army Navy – The Last Place
Smooth, pretty indie rock with unforceful vocals, in the tradition of Voxtrot or [...]

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quick take : mixtapes : hope is for people

25 Jun 2011 · No Comments

Holy crap, I haven’t written about Mixtapes before? Really!? I have literally listened to this band more than any other artist this year.
Mixtapes live in a weird intersection between well-produced pop-punk and lo-fi indie pop. On the one hand they have a fatter drum sound than I expect from low-budget indies; on the other, [...]

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