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last.fm juxtapositions

07 Aug 2008 · No Comments

Some of them tickle my funny bone.

Lacy Gibson looks like he wants an easy woman all right, but Maria Taylor is plotting her clean getaway.

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smarter playlists in iTunes

20 Feb 2008 · No Comments

Lifehacker recently ran an article on their Top 10 iTunes Smart Playlists. I disagreed with most of it, but it got me thinking about playlists, and I realized I could get solve some of my iTunes peeves by chaining multiple smart playlists together.
My favorite radio shows on my favorite station, WMBR, mix brand new [...]

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iTunes meme

18 Feb 2008 · No Comments

After Flasshe, Steve, and 125records:
This is on the home iTunes. I keep my iTunes music on external hard drives; the one at work has the same content, but different play counts. I’m about to go to a 4 hard drive model with classical/jazz on different drives, because the danged drives are almost full.
Total length: 70:08:08:26 [...]

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