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Great Grandpa: Can Opener, Plastic Cough

20 May 2018 · No Comments

“Cheeto Lust” and “Ram” from the “Can Opener” EP struck me as really good attempts to craft Speedy Ortiz songs not actually by Speedy Ortiz – guitar lines that hop around and between chords instead of linear scale movement or arpeggiation, mid-chorus sideways lurches. It pushes my buttons, but seems a little too specifically [...]

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Dilly Dally – “Gender Role”

19 May 2018 · No Comments

I’m down for Dilly Dally in general, rough-voiced, grunge-inflected angry indie is fine with me, but I missed this tune, which was released between the lower-fi tunes that first caught my ear (like “Candy Mountain”) and the excellent, more polished, LP Sore. “Gender Role” does this thing where the last of the chorus guitar decays [...]

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Dude York – Sincerely

19 May 2018 · No Comments

Riff-heavy tuneful indie rock with nice harmony work. I get a kinda 90s vibe from this, maybe just coz I’m old, but for instance, “Tonight” reminds me of Urge Overkill (in a good way). (Prolly would’ve bought this sooner if there’d been more than a few songs available to preview on the bandcamps.)
Dude [...]

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The Plurals: RIP Grant Hart, SWISH

05 May 2018 · No Comments

Stumbled into The Plurals via their lovely mostly acoustic rendition of “Green Eyes” on the “RIP Grant Hart” EP, more than enough to get me to check out their own stuff. Turns out they specialize in the sort of punk-influenced, slightly scruffy, but melodic, co-ed vocal featuring indie rock for which my appetite is [...]

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Kellie Lloyd: Fragile States

05 May 2018 · No Comments

It’s pretty nuts how long I was a fan of Screamfeeder – following Tim to his We All Want To and The Whats projects – without realizing that Kellie Lloyd also has solo records.
Kellie Lloyd on bandcamp

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Quick Take: Hussalonia: Nefarico Jingles

14 Nov 2012 · 1 Comment

The backstory (since you probably weren’t paying attention): Hussalonia is basically one dude writing, performing, recording, and releasing willfully eclectic music; he’s been at it for a while and he’s gotten really good at all aspects of it. 2010 started as the “Year of Hussalonia” with a new album/EP every month, including lotsa awesome [...]

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Fugazi Live Series

15 Dec 2011 · No Comments

So, yeah, Fugazi Live Series.
Joe Gross’s write up in Spin seemed like a reasonable starting point, but I’m going to go a lot deeper, and I’ll update this post with the results of my explorations.
001 1987.09.03 Washington DC, USA, Wilson Center
I’m going to go against conventional wisdom and say that the band’s first gig is [...]

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Joe Pernice (and some Scud Mountain Boys)/Paul Melancon 25 Aug 2011

26 Aug 2011 · 1 Comment

The Lizard Lounge was crammed to the gills for the very welcome work-night friendly early set. Joe Pernice opened with a handful of solo songs, including the title track from Goodbye Killer and “Telescope,” a sneak peek at the in-progress Pernice Brothers album (he said it was mostly too rockin’ to translate well to an [...]

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quick take : mixtapes : hope is for people

25 Jun 2011 · No Comments

Holy crap, I haven’t written about Mixtapes before? Really!? I have literally listened to this band more than any other artist this year.
Mixtapes live in a weird intersection between well-produced pop-punk and lo-fi indie pop. On the one hand they have a fatter drum sound than I expect from low-budget indies; on the other, [...]

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quick take : lemuria/cheap girls : split single

24 Jun 2011 · No Comments

On the A-side, Lemuria offer two more examples of the smart, catchy, indie rock that’s made Pebble one of my most-played albums of the year so far. I expected their side to be swell, and it delivers. But the revelation here for me is Cheap Girls’ “Pure Hate.” I’m not quite sure what “And I/Keep [...]

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