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quick take : craft spells : idle labor

03 May 2011 · No Comments

New Order would decidely have struck me as a useful point of reference for Idle Labor even if the cover art didn’t recall Power, Corruption & Lies. As it is, I’m wondering if they want to get threatening letters from some lawyer. Craft Spells’ flowers are less gloomy, of course, and so is their music. [...]

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quick take : the naked and famous : passive me, aggressive you

28 Apr 2011 · No Comments

If I didn’t know The Naked and Famous were from New Zealand I’d be positive they were Canadian. It’s not that they sound specifically like, say, Arcade Fire or Metric, but they combine modern indie rock, new wave, and just a smidge of disco in simpatico proportions. The Naked and Famous add a goodly quantity [...]

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quick take : horrid red : pink flowers (ep)

27 Apr 2011 · No Comments

Sounds like Joy Division for once not because of a gloomy baritone voice, but because bass and guitar parts recall Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner. Also sounds a bit like the instruments were at one of a tunnel, and the recording equipment was at the other. Some of this is hooky and/or pretty enough to [...]

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quick take : i was totally destroying it : preludes

12 Apr 2011 · No Comments

Preludes makes me think of Metric, not because I Was Totally Destroying It sound like Metric — they mostly don’t, although “Fight/Flight” does a bit — but because Preludes feels like the kind of leap that Metric made between Grow Up And Blow Away and Fantasies: the elements are the same, but everything is in [...]

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Song of the Month: Hussalonia, “For Those About to Rock, I Ignore You”

09 Oct 2009 · No Comments

It was just about a month ago that I became aware of the self-described “pop music cult” Hussalonia, and since then I’ve listened to Hussalonia songs about 350 times. Even more surprising, I’m showing no signs of getting sick of them.
Partly this is because Hussalonia is really good*, partly it’s because they (mostly just he [...]

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Song of the Week: Nanobots, “Spontaneous Combustion”

31 Mar 2009 · 1 Comment

Glasgow’s Nanobots sound pretty much like they could have fallen through a time warp from the very early 80’s — before New Wave got slick and commercial (or even sharply differentiated from punk). It makes perfect sense that they’ve been opening lately for the current edition of the Rezillos, and I didn’t need to hear [...]

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Epoxies – My New World

16 Sep 2007 · No Comments

Yes, it’s time for another dispatch from the retro-future of The Epoxies. The title track is a brooding apocalypse-celebrating number on which virtually all the instruments drip with distortion; the touchstone here is the spooky intersection of new wave, punk, and goth — a bit like Killing Joke, but it reminds me even more of [...]

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