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quick take : if by yes : salt on sea glass

12 May 2011 · No Comments

Hard to slot this into a specific genre, it’s not very “rock” (not in the least “rawk”), largely (but not exclusively electronic). It’s the sort of record in which choices of “which instrument voices this part” seem driven more by sonic coloration than by personnel. There’s a lot going on if you pay close attention [...]

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Tags: 2011 · chimera · dream pop · electropop · experimental · i · indie pop · quick take

quick take : the naked and famous : passive me, aggressive you

28 Apr 2011 · No Comments

If I didn’t know The Naked and Famous were from New Zealand I’d be positive they were Canadian. It’s not that they sound specifically like, say, Arcade Fire or Metric, but they combine modern indie rock, new wave, and just a smidge of disco in simpatico proportions. The Naked and Famous add a goodly quantity [...]

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Tags: 2011 · electropop · indie rock · n · new wave · quick take · somewhat damaged

quick take : Stripmall Architecture : Albino Peacock (EP)

08 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Four more thoughtful, intricately assembled songs from this outfit that doesn’t quite fit in any of the genres you might try to box it in: not precisely shoegaze, trip-hop, nor electropop. Some melodic elements and arrangement details here and there impart a hint of Eastern flavor and lead track “Lemoncholic” is maybe one of their [...]

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