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Red Hare: Little Acts of Destruction

19 May 2018 · No Comments

In case it’s not obvious, I spend a fair amount of time on music discovery, and I’m pretty loyal to artists, labels, and producers associated with music I already like.
So it’s effin’ weird that I only found Red Hare in May 2018, cause it’s more or less a successor band to Bluetip (auto-buy) and they [...]

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quick take : the rationales : the distance in between

22 Apr 2011 · No Comments

Somewhere between roots-rock and power pop, with some swell vocal harmonies. Veteran producer Ed Valausksas stitches it all together nicely. If I were in a quibbling mood I’d say some of these songs are stretched out a tiny bit more than might be optimal, but the under-two-minute “Braedon” certainly isn’t; it’s my fave. Other highlights [...]

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quick take : eldridge rodriguez : you are released

31 Mar 2011 · No Comments

I’m glad I know that Rodriguez (a.k.a. “ER”) started work on his solo album You Are Released contemporaneously with work on The Beatings’ Late Season Kids, because otherwise I’d worry: it doesn’t seem like a good sign when songs this good, and this stylistically similar to the main band, go to the side project instead. [...]

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quick take : r.e.m. – collapse into now

22 Mar 2011 · No Comments

R.E.M.’s recent return-to-form albums led me to an epiphany: I had always assumed it was Warner Brothers who pushed me away from R.E.M. — pressure toward big dollar production, famous guest stars, etc.. I still think there’s some truth to that (I don’t think most of those cameos were great artistic choices), but I realized [...]

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quick take : The Reaganomics : Lower the Bar

08 Feb 2011 · No Comments

The Reaganomics is the snotty pop-punk* alter ego of the more serious (to go by song titles) Ryan’s Hope, a band I plan to investigate based on how much I like this. Their name aside, The Reaganomics aren’t identifiably political on Lower the Bar, and the targets they go after are mostly pretty easy: Renaissance [...]

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