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MRTVI – Negative Atonal Dissonance

05 May 2018 · No Comments

First track is meditative (but unsettling), and spacious – the sound sources are so highly processed as to be virtually unrecognizable, I assume there are some guitars, but I could be wrong. (It called the quieter bits Servile Sect to my mind.) Second track is visceral, discordant black metal, loved it. The last, and [...]

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Tags: experimental · heavy metal · m

Jeff Mangum, American Contemporary Music Ensemble, 10 September 2011

13 Sep 2011 · No Comments

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Frankly, the circumstances sounded a bit suspicious: reclusive artist schedules a mid-size tour after a long artistic silence and immediately prior to a career-spanning archive release. But from the first few seconds of “Oh, Comely,” it was impossible for me to see anything disingenuous in Mangum’s performance; further, [...]

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Joe Pernice (and some Scud Mountain Boys)/Paul Melancon 25 Aug 2011

26 Aug 2011 · 1 Comment

The Lizard Lounge was crammed to the gills for the very welcome work-night friendly early set. Joe Pernice opened with a handful of solo songs, including the title track from Goodbye Killer and “Telescope,” a sneak peek at the in-progress Pernice Brothers album (he said it was mostly too rockin’ to translate well to an [...]

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quick take : mixtapes : hope is for people

25 Jun 2011 · No Comments

Holy crap, I haven’t written about Mixtapes before? Really!? I have literally listened to this band more than any other artist this year.
Mixtapes live in a weird intersection between well-produced pop-punk and lo-fi indie pop. On the one hand they have a fatter drum sound than I expect from low-budget indies; on the other, [...]

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update : mars classroom : the new theory of everything

18 Apr 2011 · No Comments

One disadvantage of my “quick take” approach to album reviews is that sometimes my response to a record changes significantly over time. Fortunately on the internets I can amend earlier commentary when I think it’s necessary.
I’ve been feeling bad about my initial response to Mars Classroom’s The New Theory of Everything almost since I posted [...]

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quick take : mars classroom : the new theory of everything

06 Apr 2011 · No Comments

Longtime readers will know that my love for all things Big Dipper-related is even more boundless and unconditional than my love for most things GBV-related, so maybe it’s inevitable that my (stratospheric) expectations for this project weren’t quite met by the first listen. The Bob Pollard/Gary Waleik balance seems a bit more skewed toward the [...]

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Tags: 2011 · Happy Jack Rock · indie rock · m · power pop · quick take

quick take : Jessica Lea Mayfield : Tell Me

17 Mar 2011 · No Comments

An expansive approach to arranging makes for an engaging, varied listen. Mostly this is moody rock with lots of reverb-laden guitar and trace elements of folk and country, but it throws some nice curves: “Somewhere In Your Heart” has an unruly guitar break worthy of Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb at his skronkiest; “Grown Man” [...]

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Tags: 2011 · Country · Nonesuch · Rock · acoustic · m · quick take

quick take : Mogwai : Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will

13 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Bands that basically sound like Mogwai are practically their own genre by now, so presumably you have an opinion on the master template. Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will offers few surprises (and certainly nothing I’d call hardcore). “San Pedro” and “George Square Thatcher Death Party” flirt with conventional rock tempos and drum strucutres; [...]

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Tags: 2011 · Sub-pop · experimental · indie rock · m · post-punk · quick take

quick take : Murder by Death : Skeletons in the Closet

12 Mar 2011 · No Comments

I wound up with this odds & ends collection on the strength of a friend’s recommendation and sympathy for the band’s recent broken-down-tour-van plight; it’s perhaps an odd way to be introduced to an act, but I’ve decidedly been enjoying it. Murder by Death could loosely be classed as Americana, but only loosely; prominent use [...]

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Tags: 2011 · acoustic · indie rock · m · quick take · roots rock · self-released

Manhattan Love Suicides – Burnt Out Landscapes

01 Aug 2008 · No Comments

Breaking all kindsa rules: I haven’t even listened to this record all the way through once, and it’s already one of my favorites of the year. It’s got me bouncing around in my seat so much, I just have to tell someone about it right now!!! Manhattan Love Suicides (from Leeds; the name is [...]

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