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Beach House: 7

19 May 2018 · No Comments

First spin through 7 left me impressed by a lot of the sonic detail, but craving something with a bit more bite (I went with Lush). Warming more to the record as I spend more time with it, but it’s still a bit languorous depending on my mood. Weird guitar bits pull me in hardest, [...]

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quick take : frank black : abbabubba, the golem

29 Mar 2011 · No Comments

It’s a measure of my enormous respect for Frank Black/Black Francis/whatever he wants to call himself that even though I thought NonStopErotik was possibly the worst album of his career, it didn’t take me out of auto-buy-his-new-stuff mode. Abbabubba is a b-sides/odds-and-ends compilation, with some fully-formed tracks, some solo/demo stuff, and a few rather superfluous [...]

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quick take: Katie Crutchfield’s discography so far, so far as I know

26 Feb 2011 · 1 Comment

with The Ackleys:
The Ackleys (2005); Forget Forget, Derive Derive (EP, 2006)
Indie-power-pop. Splashy drums, some keyboards give it a slightly new-wave sheen.
as King Everything:
The Drought (2008)
Mostly acoustic guitar/vocal
with P.S. Eliot:
The Bike Wreck Demo (2008, read about Bike Wreck demo here), Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (2009), Living in Squalor (EP, 2010, pay-what-you-want download), Sadie (2011)
Except [...]

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song obsession : The Baseball Project : “Buckner’s Bolero”

19 Feb 2011 · No Comments

Not to slight the other tunes on The Baseball Project’s Volume 2: High and Inside, many more of which (especially Scott McCaughey’s eerie “Here Lies Carl Mays” and Steve Wynn’s rollicking “The Straw that Stirs the Drink”) are also quite swell. But “Buckner’s Bolero” is something else again, a powerful early entrant for the [...]

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Song of the Week: The Broken Family Band, “Salivating”

09 Apr 2009 · 2 Comments

The lead single from Please and Thank You manges to be simultaneously sweet, creepy, and poignant in a character portrait of uncommon economy. The song’s narrator is moving in with his sweetie. If we take him at his word, he’s literally drooling at the thought of a live-in friend-with-privileges, which is at least a [...]

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Boston Spaceships/Big Dipper, 30 Sep 2008

30 Sep 2008 · No Comments

Back in April, I wrote this about Big Dipper:
But if they pull a “Mission of Burma”-style return to active duty (and I hope they do), I would love to see/hear them again when they have another few shows under their belt, hopefully in a better-sounding room, and when I’ve had a chance to rein in [...]

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Big Dipper/Great Plains, 26 April 2008

21 May 2008 · No Comments

Great Plains is the band that ruined my life. You might know their signature “Letter to a Fanzine” as the “Why do punk rock guys go out with new wave girls?” song. But I know it as the Song of the Big Lie:

You like everything that comes out on SST
You like everything that comes out [...]

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Blue Öyster Cult – Cultösaurus Erectus

26 Jan 2008 · 1 Comment

Cultösaurus Erectus is the BÖC album that everyone likes better than I do. Conventional wisdom calls it a rebound from the disastrous Mirrors. but I think it’s actually a worse record (although perhaps not quite as dated production-wise). The band sounds unsure of its own identity. Presumably they were feeling pressured to repeat the success [...]

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Blue Öyster Cult – Mirrors

05 Jan 2008 · 1 Comment

Mirrors is my pick for most-underrated BÖC album. It has a terrible rep, which I think is partly because it opens with “Dr. Music,” one of the worst tracks ever committed to tape by the classic lineup. (Discuss: are the harmonica squeals the kiss of death, or the synth-toms, or the faux-soul backing vocals, or [...]

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Blue Öyster Cult – Imaginos

20 Dec 2007 · 1 Comment

Fair warning: Imaginos not only has a storyline, it has snippets of dialogue interwoven into some of the songs. Every track is at least 5 minutes long. “Overblown” doesn’t do justice to the arrangements; there are several guest lead vocalists, and for a band with such serious guitar chops, there’s a befuddling proliferation of stunt [...]

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