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Quick Take: Hussalonia: Nefarico Jingles

14 Nov 2012 · 1 Comment

The backstory (since you probably weren’t paying attention): Hussalonia is basically one dude writing, performing, recording, and releasing willfully eclectic music; he’s been at it for a while and he’s gotten really good at all aspects of it. 2010 started as the “Year of Hussalonia” with a new album/EP every month, including lotsa awesome stuff, possibly topped by “Attention Deficit Recorder” a densely arranged collection of short songs playable in any order. There were also some releases that, in hindsight, seemed like they might have betrayed signs of deadline pressure or other creative struggles, one of which was a single with a troubling title: “Through With Music.” That wasn’t actually the last the world heard from Hussalonia, but not too long after Hussalonia.com site was replaced by an enigmatic handful of pages about how the “Hussalonia founder” had sold the rights to his art to Nefarico, which if it existed, would surely be the world’s most evil soap manufacturer.

And now, at last, there’s Nefarico Jingles, a record so strong that it suggests the whole creative-exhaustion/disappearing thing was an extended put-on. It’s simultaneously a satire of the “sell out,” and an acknowledgment that crass, soulless work can still have a awful lot of craft, and as a consequence, be awfully catchy. Dunno about you, but there’s at least one of those free credit report scam bands that I might like, if they weren’t a sham shilling for a business fundamentally dependent on deceptive practices. Hussalonia’s batch of intricately arranged, impeccably performed, and deeply subversive tunes suggests that Hussalonia could out-catchy the catch-hucksters. I can’t take a shower now without “use Nefarico washing goggles, to protect your sight,” running through my head.

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  • 1 Jay D. // Jun 10, 2013 at 14:24

    Hussalonia is definitely a phenomenon…great melodic pop in a variety of guises…always eclectic and always interesting. Been a fan since I spotted the first release on CD Baby.
    Somehow I missed getting a copy of Steely Danielle Hussalonia (the Steely Dan covers). Can anyone point me to where this can be downloaded?
    Would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

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