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Quick Take: Chris Lawhorn: Fugazi Edits

27 Nov 2012 · No Comments

Fugazi Edits is a collection of brief compositions entirely sourced from instrumental samples from Fugazi albums (with permission). I love it almost unreservedly and it’s already one of the albums I’ve played most this year.

It’s clearly not for everybody — I’ve seen some harsh reviews — but it’s definitely for me. Is it for you? Maybe, especially if you like sample-based/collage music that’s more experimental than the typical two-dissimilar-songs-at-once mashup, but less aggressively odd (and more groove-oriented) than say, Christian Marclay. And especially if you know every Fugazi album back to front, but perhaps if you like Fugazi in theory but don’t care for the vocals or lyrics* or maybe if you quit listening after Repeater* and are curious about how musically diverse Fugazi eventually became.

Since Lawhorn uses Fugazi samples to build his tracks, it’s not surprising that his work incorporates some of Fugazi’s defining characteristics, like buildup and release of tension, extreme dynamic contrast, and surprisingly lyrical and delicate melodies (which stand out even more when de-coupled from the gruff barks and moaning howls of Fugazi’s lead singers). Lawhorn uses samples from every Fugazi track (except those on the Instrument soundtrack), the kind of formalism that appeals to me, but which may have resulted in a couple of well-I’ll-jam-together-stuff-from-all-these-tracks-that-didn’t-inspire-me-with-a-bunch-of-post-processing exercises, but the best of these tracks are pretty awesome, and the least of them go by quickly.

I bought this digitally at first but decided to upgrade to a hard copy, because I don’t trust the Cloud to stay there forever. If you’re inclined to get this on CD, head to chrislawhorn.com posthaste, coz he’s already almost sold out of the limited run.

* what’s wrong with you, anyway? why are you reading this?

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