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quick take : Drive-By Truckers : Go-Go Boots

10 Mar 2011 · 1 Comment

The name put me off Patterson Hood’s potent country rock outfit for years (the “drive-by” part, not the “trucker” part), but I’ve since realized the error of my ways and I’m making up for lost time. They offer sharply observed character songs (often with a noirish spin), passionate vocals and performances that have me rooting through my bag of clichés, and feeling like “hot,” “tight,” “smokin’,” etc. all come up short. (Part of my conversion experience was checking out several of the live shows available from nyctaper, so you can judge for yourself if I’m just being hyperbolic). Anyway, I think DBT can basically do no wrong. (Except for the timing glitch at the beginning of “Everybody Needs Love.”)

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  • 1 Brian Miller // Mar 13, 2011 at 16:42

    I saw you had mentioned them a while back on my Last.FM profile. I started checking them out recently, including a recent live show at The Fillmore in San Francisco. I also picked up a couple of their CDs, used at a local record store.
    I’m still not completely convinced, but willing to listen more. Haven’t actually checked out nyctaper yet. Eventually. Too much music, not enough time.

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