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5 jan 2015

05 Jan 2015 · No Comments

  1. Professor Longhair – as one does when returning from New Orleans
  2. The Fur Coats
  3. Prince – no explanation needed, right?
  4. The New Lows
  5. Total Control – evokes a lot of stuff I like — early Orchestral Manoeuvres, X-ray Spex, Neu!, Go4, Chameleons, and, yes, Joy Div – pleasantly enough, but only intermittently commands my attention and doesn’t really establish a distinct identity of its own.
  6. Pyrrhon – weird discordant metal with lots of queasy little bends, crazy tempo shifts, vocals in both shouty and gurgly modes, and, crucially, sometimes enough breathing room in the mix to put the pummeling into sharp relief. I liked the shorter songs enough to listen to all the long ones.
  7. David Bazan – no explanation needed, right?
  8. Andy Stott
  9. My Favorite – I’m often a bit suspicious when an artist abandons a recent band name (The Secret History, in this case) to go back to an earlier one. Sometimes feels like throwing the new stuff under the bus a bit, or an attempt to recapture prior glory. But it’s not like My Favorite were a household name in the first place, The Secret History were hardly a world apart stylistically, and had substantial roster overlap anyways, and it is like you could put the new My Favorite single up against the old ones and not find it lacking. So, yeah, it’s fine.
  10. Jasmine Minks – How is it that I never heard these folks before? Were on Creation, prolly just missed being on the original C86.

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