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Entries from Oct 2019

smile and smile . . . 18 oct 2019

18 Oct 2019 · No Comments

life comes at you fast, s & s & b a villain comes at you slow
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Pedestrian Tactics · matingcall.exe
Control Top · Office Rage
GIRLI · Hot Mess
BEA1991 · The Dream
Nérija · Partner Girlfriend Lover
Binker and Moses · How Fire Was Made
Theon Cross · LDN’s Burning
The Johnny Clash [...]

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smile and smile … 3 oct 2019

03 Oct 2019 · No Comments

Smile & smile & be a villain is very, very sad to say goodbye to Kim Shattuck.
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Ratboys · Crying about the Planets
Trespasser · To the Barricades
Ana Frango Elétrico · Tem Certeza
Mope Grooves · Bicycle Dancers
chloe mk · David [...]

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