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Entries from Jan 2015

12 jan 2015

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Hussalonia -You’re tired of me writing about Hussalonia, probably.
Anti-Flag – The first time I wrote about Anti-Flag they were releasing music on a major label and compromising nothing. 2015 finds them on a Finnish heavy metal label (!) … and compromising nothing
Strike Anywhere – Back when I used to want to be a music critic, [...]

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5 jan 2015

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Professor Longhair – as one does when returning from New Orleans
The Fur Coats
Prince – no explanation needed, right?
The New Lows
Total Control – evokes a lot of stuff I like — early Orchestral Manoeuvres, X-ray Spex, Neu!, Go4, Chameleons, and, yes, Joy Div – pleasantly enough, but only intermittently commands my attention and doesn’t really [...]

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