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Entries from Mar 2011

quick take : eldridge rodriguez : you are released

31 Mar 2011 · No Comments

I’m glad I know that Rodriguez (a.k.a. “ER”) started work on his solo album You Are Released contemporaneously with work on The Beatings’ Late Season Kids, because otherwise I’d worry: it doesn’t seem like a good sign when songs this good, and this stylistically similar to the main band, go to the side project instead. [...]

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quick take : sick of sarah : 2205

30 Mar 2011 · No Comments

You may have heard the story by now: Sick of Sarah leak their own album onto peer-to-peer sharing service; claim “platinum” status on basis of download counts; lotsa folks say, more or less, “Sick of who?“. More evidence, if you ask me, that it’s ridiculous to assert that each pirate download of a track is [...]

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quick take : frank black : abbabubba, the golem

29 Mar 2011 · No Comments

It’s a measure of my enormous respect for Frank Black/Black Francis/whatever he wants to call himself that even though I thought NonStopErotik was possibly the worst album of his career, it didn’t take me out of auto-buy-his-new-stuff mode. Abbabubba is a b-sides/odds-and-ends compilation, with some fully-formed tracks, some solo/demo stuff, and a few rather superfluous [...]

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quick take : yep : once

28 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Yep is Al Chan (of The Rubinoos) and Mark Caputo (of Belleville, who I vow to investigate) singing extremely tasteful, alt-country-flavored arrangements of a bunch of covers they like (and one Caputo original) with a large (but cohesive) cast of supporting musicians. The centerpiece here is Chan and Caputo’s vocal performances, which are impeccable. They [...]

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quick take : parts & labor : constant future

25 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Parts & Labor have always had this push-pull thing: enticing listeners with catchy melodies and repulsing them (at least the unadventurous ones*) with screechy, hissy, treble overdrive. (Key listening game with P&L: is that noise made by a guitar or a keyboard?) Constant Future ramps up the pop quotient a bunch and tames the noise [...]

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quick take – standard fare – “suitcase” (single)

24 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Lesser bands could stretch the musical ideas Standard Fare crams into the 3 minutes of the A-side into an EP, or even an entire album. Every time the fast, bright, choppy, guitar chords return I think “Smiths!” but, there’s a whole lot more going on. In fact, if you charted all the changes this tune [...]

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quick take : chain and the gang : music’s not for everyone

23 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Scratchy, aggressively lo-fi production and the rough/smooth interplay between Ian Svenonius and a veritable harem of female back-up singers (Tara Jane O’Neil and Finally Punk’s Veronica Ortuño among them) are the wires baling this unruly garage rock/soul/funk/blues conglom. Not all of it works for me, but highlights like the rave-up “Detroit Music,” its instrumental sequel [...]

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quick take : r.e.m. – collapse into now

22 Mar 2011 · No Comments

R.E.M.’s recent return-to-form albums led me to an epiphany: I had always assumed it was Warner Brothers who pushed me away from R.E.M. — pressure toward big dollar production, famous guest stars, etc.. I still think there’s some truth to that (I don’t think most of those cameos were great artistic choices), but I realized [...]

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quick take : Tim Hecker : Ravedeath, 1972

21 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Much of the foundation material for this experimental instrumental recording was a real pipe organ in a real church. Since I’ve been been listening a lot lately to Julianna Barwick’s almost-a-cappella recording The Magic Place and the new Mogwai album, there’s a temptation for me to think of this as a third point defining a [...]

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Feb 2011

18 Mar 2011 · No Comments

Every new release I listened to in February (35)

Andrew Jackson Jihad – Candy Cigarettes, Capguns, Issue Problems! and Such (Reissue) – prickly folk punk (17.feb.2011)
Nicole Atkins – Mondo Amore – Neko Case and Lucinda Williams are the comparisons that come to mind. Strong, soulful vocals, mix of styles. Production/arrangement a bit more lush than I [...]

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