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Entries from May 2010

2010 week 20

24 May 2010 · No Comments

artist of the week: Dio
In my metal days, I followed guitar players from band to band, not singers. It was a plus, for instance, that Graham Bonnet sang with Alcatrazz, coz I knew him from Rainbow and the Michael Schenker Group, but Graham Bonnet wasn’t the reason I bought Alcatrazz albums; the reason (as embarrassing [...]

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2010 week 19

17 May 2010 · No Comments

song of the week: Pärlor åt svinen
album of the week: a reference of female-fronted punk rock 1977-89
Anybody who’s known me long enough is doubtless tired of my riff about how what jumpstarts the aging process is when you stop falling in love with new music. It’s a little worrisome that I followed up a spin [...]

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Apr 2010

01 May 2010 · No Comments

Every new release I listened to in April
Animal Names – Let It Been
Apollo Ghosts – Mount Benson
Best Coast – Something in the Way (single)
Black Francis – Nonstoperotik
Black Tambourine – Black Tambourine
The Blanche Hudson Weekend – The Letters to Daddy (ep)
Brilliant Colors – Never Mine (single)
Roger Bryan & the Orphans – Wolves
Circus Devils – Mother Skinny
De [...]

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