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Entries from Apr 2010

2010 week 15

19 Apr 2010 · No Comments

artist of the week: Good Luck
song of the week: When You Were Mine
I recently stumbled across Sound as Language, a blog which has a whole lotta overlap with what I like, but writes about quite a few things that are new to me. I liked the way Will wrote about Good Luck like I should [...]

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2010 week 14

12 Apr 2010 · 1 Comment

Artist of the Week: Museum Mouth
Tears in My Beer sounds kinda like a country album title, and maybe not a good one either, but this North Carolina trio’s debut is rambunctious, noisy indie pop. It sounds like not a lot of microphones were involved, and they were all pretty much traumatized. Bassist Savannah Levin takes [...]

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whither riot grrl, cont’d

07 Apr 2010 · 2 Comments

So here’s the deal. Jess Hopper wrote a fine essay on “the blinded nostalgia trope of aging punk feminists” and I retweeted it (ugh, can’t believe I just used that as a verb). Friends saw it on facebook, commented to me, and I’d like to reply, but lite.facebook.com (aka the only facebook I think is [...]

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2010 week 13

05 Apr 2010 · No Comments

Artist of the Week: Standard Fare
I’ve been sticking with the new weekly format so far, but I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by the stuff slipping through the cracks:

I feel bad, for instance, for not devoting a week to Paula Carino and her excellent new Open on Sunday (at first I thought Ross Bonadonna’s guitar work [...]

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Mar 2010

01 Apr 2010 · 3 Comments

Every new album I listened to in March.
Aloha – Home Acres
The Art Museums – Rough Frame
David Bazan – Live at Electrical Studio
Boston Spaceships – Camera Found the Ray Gun (ep)
Broken Bells – Broken Bells
Cast of Coraline – Original Off Broadway Cast Recording
Clogs – The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton
Cotton Candy – [...]

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