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Entries from Jan 2010

2010 week 3

27 Jan 2010 · 1 Comment

artist of the week: The Organ
Quick-trip to self-referential land: My post on Sky Larkin convinces Terri to give them a listen; she responds that they remind her most of The Organ*, so I have to listen to them.
The Organ sound more self-consciously retro to me than Sky Larkin — I totally get why they draw [...]

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18 Jan 2010 · 3 Comments

How I learned to stop worrying and love Auto-Tune

Not to imply that Auto-Tune is “the bomb.” Overuse of Auto-Tune is a scourge we have to learn to live with somehow. Maybe if we all pretend we’re all Peter Sellers it will help.
All of this music was new to me in 2009. Most, but not all, [...]

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2010 week 02

18 Jan 2010 · No Comments

Artists of the week: Theoretical Girl, Veda Hille
Theoretical Girl did an avent calendar thing on the theoretical girl blog, offering up a mix of live tracks, alternate versions, and covers of folks from Joni Mitchell to Tokyo Police Club. Well worth the time it took to persuade the file hosting service to let me download [...]

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2010 week 01

13 Jan 2010 · 3 Comments

Artist of the Week: Sky Larkin
Late with this week’s post in part because I find Sky Larkin tricky to describe. Singer Katie Harkin’s voice reminds me a lot of Land of Talk’s Lizzie Powell, which is the sort of comparison I hate. Perhaps more usefully, both bands are guitar/bass/drum indie rock trios. Beyond that, [...]

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2009 week 53

05 Jan 2010 · No Comments

Artist of the Week: Radon
I never heard Radon in the twentieth century, but I fell in love with their 2006 reunion effort Metric Buttloads of Rock!, largely on the strength of “Minneapolis,” a rough-edged but tuneful ode to the likes of The Replacements (explicitly mentioned in the lyric) and Hüsker Dü (explicitly referenced by the [...]

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