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Entries from Nov 2008

Robyn Hitchcock, 21 November 2008

24 Nov 2008 · No Comments

Friday’s performance was just the tonic for folks who’ve seen Robyn Hitchcock numerous times in the past. The setlist was primarily drawn from his magnificent first (mostly) acoustic album, 1984’s I Often Dream of Trains. He was accompanied by recent frequent accomplice Tim Keegan on guitar and vocals, and (former member of The [...]

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24 nov 2008

24 Nov 2008 · 2 Comments

Vulgaires Machins
I got Compter Les Corps more-or-less on impulse from zunior.com after being wowed by the samples. I’m even more wowed by the album. It falls right on the line between what I’d call “punk” and what I’d call “indie rock,” with some slow tempos, piano, and spacious arrangements pulling it one way, and [...]

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17 nov 2008

17 Nov 2008 · No Comments

I low-listening week, as a trio of day-long meetings kept me almost musicless.

I Was Totally Destroying It
Have I not mentioned yet that I Was Totally Destroying It have a released a free downloadable EP? So I’m still playing the debut full-length quite a bit, but very much digging the new “Done Waiting” EP and eager [...]

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10 nov 2008

10 Nov 2008 · No Comments

Sound Team
Somehow I missed this E6-ish outfit until after they had broken up, maybe because for a while there I got really burnt-out on “recommended if you like Neutral Milk Hotel,” which never captured what I like (love) about NMH. Anyway, not bad.

The Hussy’s
The punctuation drives me nuts. I guess theoretically it could mean the [...]

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03 nov 2008

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My Bloody Valentine

Simca Heled and Ed Brewer
I was going to have a classical music*-only week, but I wimped-out part way through. Heled and Brewer get the nod for baroque (not classical … you see the problem?) cello sonatas.
* (for want of a better term)


School of Seven Bells
This outfit includes folks from On!Air!Libary! a band I [...]

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