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Entries from Aug 2008

25 aug 2008

25 Aug 2008 · No Comments

4 out of 5 Doctors
Another Mid-Atlantic AOR/new wave band from my misspent youth.

Fat Tulips
I listened to All Hope Is Gone and to my surprise, I kinda liked it. The lyrics were mostly of the “the world is screwed up” strain of metal, which I markedly prefer to “I’m screwed up”, “I am in fantasy/horror/satan-land,” [...]

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18 aug 2008

18 Aug 2008 · No Comments

The Chap
The Chap’s densely massed vocals, genre-defying, inventive arrangements, and saucy attitude remind obliquely of Human Sexual Response, even though they sound nothing like HSR. Shriekback also comes to mind, although The Chap’s humor is less dry than Shriekback’s. I dig it.

Comet Gain
Azeda Booth
Wow, was I surprised to learn that those delicate soprano vocals are [...]

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11 aug 2008

11 Aug 2008 · No Comments

Velocity Girl
The Kirby Grips
This week, “Restraining Order” was the best song ever

Henry’s Dress
The Manhattan Love Suicides
Yoko Ono
Tie: The Aisler’s Set, The Eames Era, Hangman’s Alphabet, The Penny Dreadfuls, Maria Taylor, Visqueen

143 artists, 455 tracks.

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last.fm juxtapositions

07 Aug 2008 · No Comments

Some of them tickle my funny bone.

Lacy Gibson looks like he wants an easy woman all right, but Maria Taylor is plotting her clean getaway.

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04 aug 2008

04 Aug 2008 · No Comments

The Manhattan Love Suicides
The Eames Era
The Exploited
The Mendoza Line
That’s gotta be one of the most embarrassingly bad band names of all time. These folks were part of the early 80’s AOR scene in Baltimore, along with acts like Crack the Sky and The Ravyns [...]

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Manhattan Love Suicides – Burnt Out Landscapes

01 Aug 2008 · No Comments

Breaking all kindsa rules: I haven’t even listened to this record all the way through once, and it’s already one of my favorites of the year. It’s got me bouncing around in my seat so much, I just have to tell someone about it right now!!! Manhattan Love Suicides (from Leeds; the name is [...]

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