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Entries from Sep 2007

Pristine – Hands Up! Hands Up!

22 Sep 2007 · No Comments

Google’s translator is fun and useful too! Not only does it spit out wonderfully mangled sentences like, “The four temperful musicians with the Dortmunder training room are well-known for their power Punk skirt,” but it allows me to be more or less sure that Pristine is an all-female band formed by two sisters, and that [...]

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Epoxies – My New World

16 Sep 2007 · No Comments

Yes, it’s time for another dispatch from the retro-future of The Epoxies. The title track is a brooding apocalypse-celebrating number on which virtually all the instruments drip with distortion; the touchstone here is the spooky intersection of new wave, punk, and goth — a bit like Killing Joke, but it reminds me even more of [...]

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Eisenhower Field Day – Let’s Not Tell Lies

16 Sep 2007 · No Comments

Indie-rock trio Eisenhower Field Day dish up textbook-perfect indie rock on this LP (a 2003 EP is appended to the current release). Guitarist/lead vocalist Noah Butler has a slightly yelpy tenor to which bassist Holly Butler’s harmonies provide welcome sweetening. They play with conviction and the songs are are full of interesting dynamic and textural [...]

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