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Entries from Aug 2007

B for Brontosaurus – A Thousand Times Yes

05 Aug 2007 · 2 Comments

I love this band so much that I’m untrustworthy on the subject. Usually I cringe when backing vocals stray out of tune or when tempos drift between instruments. When B for Brontosaurus exhibits these flaws (which they do sometimes, especially live) I make excuses to find it charming, rather than grating. “Their enthusiasm outpaces their [...]

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Hallelujah the Hills – Collective Psychosis Begone

05 Aug 2007 · No Comments

My wonderful girlfriend walloped the proverbial nail right on its old beaner when she said that Hallelujah the Hills seemed to be aiming, sonically, for Neutral Milk Hotel, but achieving Guided by Voices. My (few) quibbles with this record are all things that I think involving professional studio help would have fixed (this will doubtless [...]

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Tags: 2007 · h · indie rock · misra

Apple Betty – Let’s Play

05 Aug 2007 · 3 Comments

At their best — “Pollution,” and “Stagnant,” — Apple Betty remind me strongly of the garagey side of Barbara Manning: tuneful and gritty, with lyrics that will insult no one’s intelligence. At their worst — “Full Inside,” and the unlisted no-bonus track “Sweatpant Boner,” — they play the “we’re cute women, and we we [...]

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